SuperPro Mustang Positive Shift Mount – SPF5061K

When is an upgrade not an upgrade?

When the required compromise is greater than the reward.

This seems to be the case with a number of products on the market that claim to solve the issue with the excessive movement in the rear transmission mount of for the 6 speed MT82 manual transmission fitted to EcoBoost, V6, and GT S550 Mustangs.

SuperPro took a long hard look at this mount and determined that by filling only two of the three voids in the stock mount, not only could precise shifts at high RPM be achieved, but without all the horrible vibrations that come with other three pronged attempts.

Also, the annoying “shifter shake” at idle completely disappeared!

If you spend more miles on the roadway than the racetrack but still need to nail high-RPM shifts when traffic clears or at the track the SuperPro transmission mount insert is the only choice.

Sometimes two is better than three!!


The SuperPro Roll Control two position adjustable front sway bar is 24mm solid , an upgrade from a 24.5mm hollow sway bar and rear is a three position adjustable 22mm solid sway bar, an upgrade from 20mm solid sway bar.

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