SuperPro Pontiac G8 Front Suspension Arms – TRC1000 & TRC1001

SuperPro have developed the Front Arms for the Pontiac G8 in response to the need for an upgrade to the standard OEM style rubber bushings and ball joint. Brake upgrades and larger wheel and tire packages highlight the need to upgrade to new SuperPro arms.

The front suspension bushings in the Pontiac G8 have always been notorious for excessive movement, in particular the fluid filled, front arm to chassis bushing. This can be easily identified by applying the brakes at low speed and looking for any rearward movement of the wheel and tire. This movement leads to a multitude of undesirable issues;


  • The vehicle feels harder to stop in straight line under braking as the wheels move to a more “toe out” condition.

  • The same occurs under acceleration causing vagueness and a “loose” feel in the steering.

  • During cornering as the loads differ on each wheel resulting in a combination of instability and unpredictability.

All of this adds up to excessive tire wear, handling and braking issues. Installing replacement arms and bushings maintains the positive location of the suspension components resulting in static wheel alignment settings being better maintained in a dynamic situation.

Both Arm Kits come supplied and fitted with SuperPro Polyurethane Bushings as well as heavy duty Ball Joints.

SuperPro Roll Control Arms for the Pontiac G8 are the perfect Performance upgrade!


Arms fitted with Uprated Ball joints and SuperPro Bushes to reduce Arm movement.


For greater directional stability and Improved turn in. Arms fitted with Uprated Ball joints and SuperPro Bushes to reduce Arm movement. Designed to Increase or Decrease Caster by +/- 1 Degree.

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