SuperPro Specializes in Suspension Bushings

Bushings in a suspension system are the link between the chassis, the wheel and tire. A critical link that SuperPro understands and a SuperPro bushing is designed with this understanding in mind to optimize this interface. SuperPro aims to give a driver an improved handling experience. The outcome is greater tire grip in all situations without excess noise, vibration and harshness.

The polyurethane compositions in our range are proprietary to SuperPro and specifically blended to deliver the ideal performance attributes without compromising comfort, noise isolation or functionality. The properties of extreme resistance to abrasion, low compression set, high tear strength and a resistance to oils and solvents make SuperPro’s polyurethane ideal for automotive applications. These properties lead to a resilient product that is highly versatile in its applications with a superior service life backed by our lifetime warranty.

Vertical pivot bushes are now very commonly used by OEM engineers to locate control arm pivot points to the chassis. This solution provides great benefits in automated module assembly but has its own inherent weaknesses that can lead to premature failure.

SuperPro has developed a unique metal and polyurethane hybrid design for this demanding application. Combining the core strengths of SuperPro’s engineered polyurethane coupled with a specialized metal ball joint, the DuroBall design delivers all the benefits of a vertical pivot solution with greater durability and superior control.

Whether it be an advanced compound control arm bushing like the DuroBall or one of our hundreds sway bar bushing applications, the aim is control the negative effects of excessive movement that is the enemy of handling in performance cars. We believe in genuine enhancement – elevated performance, a more rewarding drive, and unmatched durability.  SuperPro does this better than any other Polyurethane on the market!