Complete Arm Kits

Control Arms designed for performance

Offering complete arm replacement kits allows SuperPro to make changes to the geometry of the application to improve the handling and increase tire grip. By utilizing stronger and lighter materials undesirable arm flex and unsprung weight can be significantly reduced.  Creating a complete arm assembly allows us to address not only improving geometry but also to offer extended service life and increased durability.  We look to upgrade the entire assembly as well.  Across our complete arm offerings you’ll find a range of upgrades depending on the application including uprated ball joints with superior construction, adjustability to fine tune alignment specs to suit the vehicles use and ride height or optimize handling, on-vehicle adjustability to simplify alignments and save labor time and cost, and superior finishes to ward off corrosion.  SuperPro products are designed to offer lasting performance and exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.

You’ll also find that you can replicate a number of our complete arm options in component form in our catalog.  This is done intentionally to offer a range of solutions for our customers – many of our dealers and skilled do-it-yourself customers prefer the component option so they can address solutions and upgrades individually or tailor an upgrade to a client’s budget and needs – while we’ve had many requests from our customers that prefer to do their own work but want a more plug-and-play installation or have a more limited tool kit at their disposal.  Where complete arms are offered we assemble a ‘best of’ option – a performance optimized assembly; simply bolt-on, align and perform.

Like our staff, many of our customers are huge automotive enthusiasts – and many enthusiasts will barely heal the bloody knuckles of their last upgrade before they have their eye on the next project.  Our complete arms offer something for those folks as well – the ability to swap your unaltered OEM componentry back onto the car when it comes time for the next vehicle.