Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

SuperPro has the highest quality sway bar links

The humble sway bar end link is often overlooked in the scheme of things that are performance related. Eliminating flex in an end link ensures the sway bar operates at peak efficiency. Being adjustable in length enables a neutral sway bar position when ride height is altered. Adjustability also allows for all positions of an adjustable sway bar to be easily catered for.  You’ll find a huge range of sway bar bushings and end link options in our catalog – and for good reason – the more you can eliminate flex and deflection from the sway bar’s mounting and attachments the more effectively the bar works.

SuperPro Adjustable Sway Bar End Links deliver all this and much more. Made from high strength 6060-T5 Alloy and fitted with a large ball in the ball ends for low friction and long life, SuperPro has the right choice of end link for almost every application.