Sway Bars

Sway bars to give you more traction

Body roll is an important characteristic of vehicle handling and understanding its impact on the car as a whole is fundamental to developing total suspension solutions. There are a number of ways to tame body roll, such as sway/anti-roll/stabilizer bars, but it can also be controlled by making intelligent alterations to component geometry as well.

SuperPro understand the different elements that contribute to body roll and provide products to correct this geometry to reduce body roll for all types of applications.

In the hands of astute drivers a nimble, neutral and agile chassis is an asset to be exploited and enjoyed. Manufacturers often default to the most safe and benign handling characteristic as not everyone is a focused driver. While this helps protect those looking up from their cell phone and finding trouble, it penalizes enthusiasts with default understeer, numb steering and dulled responses.

Original chassis and suspension designs are made for mass market and world distribution and one area where cost is reduced is in the sway bars on a vehicle. The most common upgrade on a vehicle is wheel and tire change, this immediately increases forces, grip and body roll. SuperPro Roll Control sway bars are an upgrade in stiffness, while also adding adjustability to help “tune” the handling characteristics of a vehicle.