Go Further with SuperPros off road Suspension Upgrades

SuperPro is the ideal choice for bushing replacement for repair, performance upgrade or a lifted 4×4. SuperPro out performs the original stock bushings in every location on a vehicle.


As the stock rubber bushings deteriorate they induce undesirable characteristics into the handling of this type of vehicle. Whether it be control arm, trailing arm or leaf spring bushes, these all stabilize the forward and aft movement of both axles. As these bushings wear they impart steering angles on the vehicle causing the vehicle to wander all over the road and make the vehicle subject directional changes under braking.  Panhard rod bushes control the sideways movement of both axles; wear in these bushings make the vehicle unstable at higher speeds and prone to directional changes in high cross winds.

SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive arm location than the stock rubber bushing, resulting in a vehicle that gives stability, predictability and confidence behind the wheel.


The additional of bigger, wider wheels and tires to a 4×4 seriously impacts the performance of the stock rubber bushes. Increasing the tire contact patch increases the amount of rubber in contact with the road; this in turn amplifies the drag and load imparted on the rubber bushings. This will cause instability under braking and dramatically reduce service life.

Fitting SuperPro at the same time as the wider wheels will enhance the vehicle’s suspension to handle the additional forces imparted by the bigger tires.


Suspension lifts also dramatically alter the performance of a stock rubber bushing. Most rubber bushings work through a limited range of rotation and have voiding in specific locations for their optimal performance, increasing the ride height of a vehicle changes all these parameters. SuperPro bushings provide superior control and in most locations on a 4×4 work as a free pivoting bearing, regardless of ride height. Lifting a vehicle also lifts the centre of gravity, in turn inducing greater forces on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in every location to control the attitude of the suspension arms.  While lifting your truck brings increased ground clearance and capability it can wreak havoc on the driving dynamics; SuperPro’s catalog is full of upgrades and solutions that allow you to enjoy the increased capabilities of your rig while making it a pleasure to drive in daily use, all with a hugely extended service life.

In Summary

The O.E rubber bushings in a 4×4 work well in a new vehicle, until they start to show signs of wear. They were designed to operate at standard ride height, with the standard load and with the original tire sizes. Start changing these things and the short comings of the stock bushings are exposed, highlighting the need for SuperPro bushings.

With a wide range of upgrade bushings, alignment correction bushings and greasable swing shackles for a large range of 4X4s, SuperPro can enhance the handling performance and safety of yours today!