Performance to an Exact Degree

The enemy of performance is excessive unwanted movement of stock bushings. The SuperPro ethos is to limit unwanted movement, this is distinct from eliminating or limiting the intended range of movement or travel in suspension arms.  Suspension arms still require a degree of deflection, a bushing needs to allow this to occur to ensure a vehicle still handles correctly and something doesn’t break. It is all a question of degree.  Think of your elbow as a suspension arm.  The joint needs to be strong and allow fluid movement through 180° of travel – from your arm being entirely straight, to entirely folded on itself.  That joint does need to offer a small degree of deflection and forgiveness to survive unexpected impacts or excessive loads but if it moves too far or becomes dislocated under load it no longer works correctly or predictably.

From our first part numbers to those just being released controlling the movement and eliminating the undesirable is the fundamental idea.  Every vehicle in the catalogue will benefit massively from a SuperPro upgrade.

The biggest improvement comes in most applications from the positive location of the control arms during high speed cornering. SuperPro bushings in these locations maintain dynamic caster on any vehicle they are fitted to. The end result is a car that is more responsive, more communicative to the driver, precise on initial turn in and through the corner with the ability to more accurately adjust your line in that corner.

SuperPro bushings for the differential and subframe mounting positions deliver the ideal result in eliminating wheel hop and axle tramp without any increase in noise or vibration. The key to the success of a number of these components is to utilize our Polyelast material for isolation in concert with our polyurethane as a compound engineered solution to limit travel and arrest motion of the drivetrain and suspension componentry. The end result is a tight, controlled vehicle that will have the most fastidious owner satisfied with the absence of any additional cabin noise.

Swaybars complete the package, with excessive movement gone, it’s time to control the roll! Adding a SuperPro sway bar to a vehicle will reduce factory understeer and add grip.  Our swaybar range features many adjustable bars allowing users to easily fine tune the handling balance of the car to suit their preferences or intended use.

Without reducing comfort, a SuperPro Roll Control Sway bar will make the suspension system and tires perform better, making the car more responsive while delivering more grip. Fitting a sway bar offers improvements in handling, tire wear, comfort and safety. It is the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make!